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As a service to our students and the salsa community in the Greater Brussels Area in general, we maintain a list of e-mail addresses. Whenever we have some information that we consider valuable for you, we distribute it to everyone on the list. This includes changes or additions to our class schedule and one time and repeating events calendar.

You can use the form below to subscribe to the list.

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Privacy statement : we collect your name and address information for the sole purpose of providing you with interesting salsa-related news. We will never send you any commercial advertisements, nor will we ever give or sell the collected names and/or addresses to a third party.

If you no longer wish to be on our mailing list, a short e-mail to here stating your name and e-mail address will suffice to be removed from the list.

You contact us!

E-mail and phone

You can always write Conny at the following address : info@newyorksalsa.be, or you can call her at this number : 0486/28.48.69.

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