Syllabus of open step patterns, partner work and combo's

Level 1

Open step patterns

  • basic step
  • side basic step
  • side basic cross-over step
  • forward step
  • back step (= break back)
  • salsa step
  • right turn
  • suzy-Q
  • hook step
  • half right - half left turn
  • slasa step + side slide
  • suzy-Q around the world
  • broken left turn
  • spiral kick
  • angle suzy-Q


Open step combo's

  • side basic, right turn, suzy-Q, hook step
  • broken left turn, 1/2 right - 1/2 left turn, right turn
  • broken left turn, right turn, hook step, angle suzy-Q,
  • suzy-Q around the world, hook step, right turn, side slide step
  • side basic cross-over step, suzy-Q, broken left turn, spiral kick
  • suzy-Q, right turn, broken left turn, hook step

Partner work

  • 1/2 left turn (stay in closed position)
  • Cross Body Lead (= CBL), into open position
  • CBL into open break: CBL into open position and break-back for man, recover lady
  • CBL into open break and right turn
  • alternate turns: start with left hand leader in right hand lady, right turn lady, right turn leader with hand switch behind the back (now: right in right), right turn lady, recover with loops over leader's head
  • bretelle: the leader asks her left hand with his right hand, right turn lady, leader puts her hand on his right shoulder (optionally putting his elbow over her arm), CBL
  • high-5: on 6: the leader pushes the lady into a broken left turn (his right hand against her left)
  • CBL inside left turn: start like 1/2 left turn, on 3: the leader brings his left hand above the lady's head and she starts her left turn, finish like a CBL into open position
  • copa turn: start in handshake, break-back for leader, on 8: the leader pulls the lady to his right side, the lady does a walk-around left turn to her original position
  • copa turn with inside turn: copa turn, the leader leads the lady into an additional inside turn with his left hand on her right shoulder
  • drop-catch: start with left hand leader in right hand lady, right turn lady, on 4: 1/2 left turn leader, the leader drops her hand over his head and catches it with his right hand behind his back, side basic for leader and lady, on 8: 1/2 right turn for leader, right turn lady
  • shoulder check: start in handshake, CBL with extra 1/2 turn for lady (now: lady's back is turned towards leader), the leader checks her left shoulder with his left hand, side basic for the lady, 1.5 right turn for lady

Partner work combo's

  • CBL open break, alternate turns, copa turn
  • CBL open break, high-5, right turn man
  • CBL open break turn, drop-catch, copa turn
  • CBL inside left turn, alternate turns, copa turn
  • CBL inside left turn, alternate turns, shoulder check, copa turn
  • CBL inside left turn, high-5, right turn man, drop catch, shoulder check, copa turn

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